Commercial Work

Over the last nearly 10 years we have worked on some of the most interesting commercial projects in the county. We have successfully completed many shop / restaurant / hotel and industrial refurbishments.

Included over the years we have completed, in 2004, the total refurbishment of The Enterprise Works, Beach Road, Newhaven. East Sussex for Hugh Burnett, who still supports us through way of allowing us to have a goods yard and lock ups in. We also completed a 144 square metre commercial kitchen using some of the latest technologies to allow full use of the area provided and the whole unit is removable without damaging the sub floor in the warehouse. Total value of refurbishment £250k

In 2005 -2006 we completed a full refurbishment of a rundown old hostel in Hove, East Sussex for Karen Clarke. We spent 3 months converting a very old housed to a 8 room hostel for backpackers who travel the world wanting to stay in local affordable accommodation. Her perseverance and dedication on this project really showed as with many old buildings there were hidden costs by way of decaying walls, timbers and steel work. We finally completed on time and is still running successfully with help from her partner Glen and 2 lovely children.


In 2006 – 2007 we completed a refurbishment for the Golden Palace Restaurant, Seaford. We had the challange of converting 2 buildings, the old restaurant and the shop next door with old basement into 1 grand restaurant, even though they were 200 years old, we managed to retain some of the buildings original features, yet transform the outdated original restaurant into a fantastic luxurious restaurant for Mr Neil and Rita Gorman.

Golden Palace

They really spared no expense on making this their crowning glory and we converted the dingy basement to a fully functioning 32 seat private function room, a conservatory which boasts Seaford’s only tropical rock garden and pond and seats 32 for private functions and a grand main restaurant which has retained some original architecture gracefully mixed with a strong Japanese and Chinese theme by way of original artefacts / decoration and pictures. Total value of refurbishment £250k

In 2009 – 2010 we had the privilege of having the contract to refurbish the Grade II listed Belle Tout Lighthouse, Beachy Head Road, Eastbourne. We started in 2010 when we started the general works, over the next year and a half we completed a further 1 million pound refurbishment, including full interior gutting and extensive exterior works including a 200k new road built with very strict conditions. The list is endless with many difficult problems to overcome, having to use new technologies we completed in 2011.We were also filmed and the series channel 5’s ‘Build a New Life in the country’ followed our every move for a year. We do have the full version on CD for any serious client who wishes to see the workmanship and the tireless effort we put into projects along with quality of workmanship we like to put into our projects.

Lighthouse After
Belle Tout Lighthouse

We have completed many other smaller projects during the last 10 years and are always looking for new challenges to take on and consider.